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Thomas Guide Digital Edition V6.4 Service Pack for Windows Vista

Download the V6.4 Service Pack (28 MB)

Versions of the Digital Edition before 6.4 do not install correctly on Microsoft Windows Vista. This service pack contains an installer that will fix those problems. This service pack is designed to be used together with another Thomas Guide Digital Edition installer. You can run this service pack either before or after your other installer.

Note: This patch is for Thomas Guide Digital Editions only. There are also some Street Guide Digital Editions that have been previously released which are not compatible with this patch. In the future there will be no additional patches released to support the Street Guide Digital Editions. Rand McNally discontinued all cds in 2008 and discontinued support in 2010.

Street Guide/Thomas Guide Digital Edition
Service Pack V6.3

Download the V6.3 Service Pack (8.9 Mb)

This service pack fixes a number of bugs that are described on the download page. This download will only work if you already have V6.0 or later software. To determine the version of your software, see the Help About box.

Street Guide Digital Edition Version 5
Service Pack 5.0.5

Download the Street Guide Digital Edition Service Pack 5.05 (17 Mb)

Street Guide Digitial Edition 5.05 is the latest version available and contains all new features and product corrections.

If you currently have a Thomas Guide Digital Edition version 4.0 to 4.21, or 5.0 to 5.0.2 it is highly recommended that you download and install the Thomas Guide Digital Edition Service Pack.

When you begin the download of the exe, save it to a temporary folder or your desktop, then "double-click" on the file icon to start the Service Pack installation.

Fixes and Enhancements in Version 5.05

Zero/Blank pages for some California areas (2/12/2004)
The Page data file causing these problems has been repaired.

IDISPATCH 61704 Error identified (ToolBox only)
Error occurred when the program tries to save the Geocoded file to a write-protected folder or disk (such as the CD). Now the error is handled by SGDE properly. To prevent it, specify a pathname in the Geocoding Wizard.

Improved Performance in Windows 98/95/Me
Memory leaks affecting system performance have been fixed.

Open Dialog displayed wrong extension
If you tried to open a saved drawing or a mapexchange layer, you had to change the setting to "all files". Now the extension list is correct.

Restored Print on the File menu
Bug introduced in 5.0.3 if only one dataset was installed, Print was not available on the File menu. This is fixed.

Point Importer can be run from inside DE
Prior to this fix you first had to run the Point Importer from the Start Menu before running it inside DE. This is fixed.

Zoom Slider Icons positioned incorrectly.
Downloading layers from the Map Exchange could alter the positioning of the Zoom Slider zoom icons. Now fixed.

Error message "Unable to Update Registry"
Windows 2000 problem for non-administrative users, now fixed.

Fixes and Enhancements in Version 5.0.3

Import User Points
You can import your user points saved with an earlier edition, or transfer User Points between Editions that overlap geographic areas.

New Results Window
There is now a far more powerful Selection Results window. It shows multiple records at a time. It is integrated with the Geocode Results and Query Results windows (Available with TOOLBOX Only)and the Points Manager for a single, powerful, simple user interface.

Ability to Hide or Show the User Points
Previously the User Points always showed on the map. Now you can choose to hide them if needed for map printing, etc.

User Points Manager
The User Point Manger has been integrated into the Query Results window. See the Application Help for complete instructions.

User Point Editing
Now you can edit the marker size, rotation, label text, font size, font color, and text alignment. You can also select multiple User Points and change their symbol at the same time.

Mapexchange updated
The Mapexchange now has a cleaner, more useful interface. Select "Open Internet Map" from the "Internet" menu.

Also see: Cd-Rom Installation Help for more Support Info.

***Support Information provided by Thomas Bros. Maps.

***Rand McNally has stopped support for the cd-roms. All cds were discontinued.***


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