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What was the ToolBox?

The Thomas Guide Digital Edition ToolBox was an extension for the standard Digital Edition that added a powerful new functionality. The ToolBox was available separately and could be used with any Thomas Guide Digital Edition or Street Guide Digital Edition dataset. (It came as a standard feature with the California Thomas Guide Digital Edition.)

With the ToolBox, you would have had the capability to draw lines and shapes on the map, send maps via e-mail to other users of the Thomas Guide Digital Edition, Drag and Drop bulk geocoding of addresses, display GPS (global positioning system) input, conduct spatial analysis, and more.

The ToolBox in combination with the TGDE Viewer replaced the discontinued GeoFinder 3.1.

ToolBox Features

Drawing Tools

The user could use the mouse to draw lines, boxes, circles, irregular polygons, and free-form shapes on the map. These could be used to overlay for database queries, printed, or sent as graphics to other TGDE users. You could add:

Polyline - draw either a straight line, or a multi-segmented line. Curve - draw freehand curves and lines. Polygon - draw any polygonal shape with an optional fill color and pattern. Rectangle - draw any rectangular or square shape with an optional fill color and pattern. Oval - draw any oval or circular shape with an optional fill color and pattern.

Text: - add text on the map and change its size and font.

Drag & Drop Geocoding

You could have used Drag and Drop geocoding to perform bulk address lookup with any windows-compatible spreadsheet or database program such as Excel or Access. Simply open both TGDE and your database, select and drag the desired records onto the map window. TGDE will automatically perform the geocoding and display each address record as a "clickable" point on the map.

E-mail Custom Maps

Create custom maps using the drawing tools, save them, and e-mail to anyone who also has the Thomas Guide Digital Edition. They would have been able to load the saved map in TGDE and see the map you had created.


By using GPS (Global Positioning System) input, you could have displayed real-time, real world coordinates on the TGDE map viewer. Worked with any NMEA standard GPS unit that can be connected to your computer's serial port.

Map Display Editor

Use this powerful feature to turn on or off polygon, point, and label layers and customize the look and feel of the map. Multiple settings could be saved for different applications.

Query Builder

The Query Builder was a powerful business and spatial analysis tool. You could have created a data query based on either attributes of the data, or a map overlay, or a combination of both. This worked on both the data supplied with the Thomas Guide Digital Edition and with data you had created with the Geocoder or with the Drawing Tools. Display the results of the query on the map, or (using MS Access) generate a report.

Quick Tour

The ToolBox "Quick Tour", is an automated visual tour of the ToolBox and Thomas Guide DE. Save this file to a temporary directory on your local system, then run Quicktour.exe to begin the tour.

Download the Quick Tour (3.5 MB)


All cds were discontinued in 2008 and support for them was discontinued as of 2010.


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